8 months ago

Brunch, lunch or a cocktail? Find it all at the Lost Society

Roast season is well and truly here, so we headed over to Lost Society on Battersea Park Road to try out theirs.

Lost Society is probably best known for its very vibey evening scene. They’re great at cocktails and even better at setting the mood for a fun Friday or Saturday night. But it’s open a lot longer than just two nights of the week, so we went down on a Sunday to see if they can make a roast as well as they make a martini.

It’s a lively atmosphere in Lost Society at most times, and a Sunday afternoon was no different. So we felt it was only right to kick off our meal with cocktails. The spicy margarita was just hot enough to blast away any remnants of a hangover, but if you’re really feeling up for a good time then their version of a Zombie is exactly what you should get. A lovely tropical flavour that softens the punch of alcohol and will get you sipping away enthusiastically until your food arrives.

It can be hard to wear a lot of hats for a venue; the temptation of ‘quantity over quality’ for the hospitality is a slippery slope for most, but not here. We tried out two of the lunch offering and the food really impressed us. Their vegan roast is a butternut squash stuffed with spinach, tofu and herbs which isn’t something we’d seen on a menu before, but the change from the usual nut roast was certainly a welcome one. We really enjoyed the fresh flavours of the stuffing that went deliciously with the richness from the gravy, potatoes and sweetly roasted carrots. If you’re looking for a proper feed then the duo of roast meats is the order for you. And becasue we were particularly hungry the kind staff levelled ours up even more and gave us 3! Chicken, pork, beef and every single one of the trimmings is the kind of portion size that will tide you over until next Sunday. The meat was done really nicely- juicy Gloucestershire pork belly with two snappy strips of crackling, beautifully savoury slices of striploin of beef and juicy chicken that came with an optional jerk seasoning (which we’d recommend going for if you like a little bit of heat- the slight change up in flavour bought a whole extra dimension to the plate). Add on a side dish of comforting cauliflower cheese and that really is what weekend dreams are made of.

The service was fantastic too. Prompt, pleasant and as relaxed as you could hope for throughout a busy Sunday lunch. We loved that the staff were having fun too- they give Lost Society its signature atmosphere and left us with a huge smile on our face.

So. The roast was a delight. But there’s even more to get your teeth into here! On the weekend join their ‘brunch club’ where you can get all the breakfasty classics (eggs Benedict, fried chicken waffles, French toast) as well as heartier plates like steak sandwhiches and burgers. Pair that with a side of cheese fondue balls and add on the optional bottomless bubbles for just £20 per person before midday (or a fiver extra after). Start with brunch and stay for lunch? Now there’s a winner of a weekend.

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