10 months ago

BUDGET BITES: Pepper Tree have introduced a new bottomless deal

Welcome to BUDGET BITES, where we show you a variety of money saving tricks at your local eateries and bars.

Some plates of food lend themselves to making our stomachs into bottomless pits- pesto pasta, a pepperoni pizza, hot, buttered toast… all of those things we back ourselves to eat endless amounts of. Another one? Noodles. There’s something really addictive about a huge plate of noodles, the mix of salty/squashy/spicy mean that they’re easy to slurp up in record time. But, if you ask us, the bottom of the plate always comes too soon. Which is an issue that The Pepper Tree on Clapham Common Southside has come to fix.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays they are swapping your £24.95 for bottomless noodles and beer! You’ll get 75 minutes to eat your fill of your choice of chicken or vegetable pad Thai. If you’ve been to the Pepper Tree then you’ll know that this is a dish they do really well. Stir-fried rice noodles with egg, vegetables and lots of crushed peanuts, chilli flakes and spring onions adds even more flavour and texture. It’s a real classic done well and even better when washed down with a cooling beer. They’ve just got Asahi on tap at the Pepper Tree so it’s a fresh, crisp pint every time. Perfection.

The 75 minutes is also a great amount of time to leave with a very, very full stomach without feeling like you’re rushing through the plates and pints so sit back, enjoy the noodles and get ready to roll home. This offer is ONLY available from 5-8pm.

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