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BUDGET BITES: Wings and wedges Wednesdays

Welcome to BUDGET BITES, where we show you a variety of money saving tricks at your local eateries and bars.

Two Dogs Down are the resident chefs who are occupying the kitchen at The Bread & Roses pub. The menu is a lot of fun; classic American fair done in a really delicious way. They’re known for the corn dogs- they’ve got a whole section to host those meaty numbers because they do so many different flavours (6 in total!). ‘The dogzilla’ is a Japanese twist that comes with wasabi sauce and furikake, and when we visited before we loved ‘The chippy’ which was doused in curry sauce and topped with scampi fries… or just get the classic with mustard and ketchup if that’s more your thing. You can’t go wrong. The rest of the menu gives way to ‘American tapas’, where you get small plates of diner classics, sandwhiches (try the Nashville hot fried chicken) and some really fun desserts like the fried Oreo doughnuts. Whilst the menu isn’t taking itself seriously, the cooking behind it is seriously good. The chefs have over 20 years experience and have worked in Michelin starred restaurants. They know what they’re doing.

Which is why we were so excited when we found out about their Wednesday deal, which meant that we could get our hands on their food for an absolute bargain. To really perk up your mid-week Two Dogs Down are putting on ‘wings and wedges’ where you can get wings for just £1 and a side of wedges from just £4! In classic Two Dogs style, the wing flavours come in abundance. Choose between Nashville hot, tikka masala, Alabama white, mango habanero or banoffee (yep, you heard). The wedges come in plain, cheesy or nacho style and if you really want to push the boat out, there are additional sauces for just £1 a pop. Try the ‘terror sauce’, we dare you. When ordering the wings you have to get a minimum order of 3 per flavour, which was fine by us, because they were so darn good.

Because they’re only a pound a pop we tried out a big range. Read: the whole range. As big spice lovers, we were extremely into the tanginess of the Nashville hot, but we’ve got to address the banoffee. A star in their own right, the combo of sweet and salty flavours plus the crunch of a granola coating was extremely addictive. The interesting thing about these is that local legend Cheeky Nibble makes the granola for the banoffee wings making the dish extra special. We’d highly recommend reading all about Marietta and her business on her site… and nabbing yourself a box of her moreish granola too. We also want to give a special mention to the potato wedges with the smokey brown butter BBQ sauce. Crispy and luxurious with that sauce, they’re a big table-pleaser for meat eaters and veggies alike. Speaking of the meat adverse; all the wings were available to be made vegetarian friendly too- they do a cauliflower wing which were equally as good, and well worth ordering a portion for a break from the meat too.

The Bread & Roses itself is a lovely setting to enjoy this bargain meal too. Drenched in history, the walls are a tribute to their Glastonbury history, where they have a tent each year. Of course there’s the famous theatre upstairs and the pub often hosts events and live music performances. All we’ve been to have been of such high quality, their schedule is certainly worth keeping an eye on. If the wings weren’t enticing enough (which they were), we’d be back just to soak up the character and charm of the place.

Wings, wedges, washed down with a pint (if you know what’s good). Wednesday just got better.

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