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Cafe Van Gogh launch their ‘book a table’ drive

Cafe Van Gogh is such a force for good. It has helped many during it’s 7 years of service and now it needs our help in return.

Cafe Van Gogh is good for a lot of reasons. We can start with the food. If you’ve not been then we beg you to go- they’ve got something for you at most hours of the day- whether that is for a quick coffee and pastry in the morning or for a lengthy three course meal to celebrate a special occasion, Cafe Van Gough manages to hit the mark. They’ve got some pretty spectacular food. Cheeseboards for grazing, a hearty steak and ale pie, lighter soups and pancakes on the weekend… they’ve got flavours from all over the world and they make them into some really delicious dishes. Oh, and it’s all vegan.

Credit: @cafevangoghldn

But there is so much more to this unassuming cafe/restaurant. They are also a not for profit social enterprise. They work with Toucan Employment to help those with learning disabilities into employment. They give support, training and skills those who’d otherwise struggle to enter into the world of work. They often offer paid employment to their apprentices when they are able. As well as their humanity stance, they are also environmentally conscious and are involved with the local community in many ways too. Basically, they are a huge force for good.

They’ve been open for 7 years- that’s a long life in the hospitality world, especially when pandemics, lockdowns and the cost of living crisis are considered. It is a testament to the wonderful space they’ve created.

Credit: @cafevangoghldn

However the climate in 2023 is as tough as ever and Cafe Van Gogh have started to feel the effects of the past few years. In response to this they’ve launched their ‘book a table’ drive. They have a simple aim; 150 bookings per week from now until the end of February should see them back on their feet. If you’d like to support them then it’s a simple solution- book in and get a fantastic meal with them! They’ve especially keen to keep mid-week busy, so why not treat yourself on a Tuesday and let someone else do the cooking?

It would be a huge shame to see a hub like this go. Support them if you can- even if it’s just for a coffee on your way to work, we know they, and those who rely on them for job security, will appreciate it!

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