2 years ago

Calçotada is the festival you didn’t know you wanted to celebrate

Move over Glasto. We’re looking at chargrilled, sweet onions. Wine poured straight from decanter to mouth. Dips, meats and vegetables. Could this be the best festival ever?

Credit: @brindisaspanishfoods

Calço- what now? Let us explain. Calçotada is a festival celebrated in Catalan which celebrates the Catalan onion, the calçot. It’s growth heralds a whole festival in it’s native home and you can get a taste of it right here in Battersea.

Brindisa Kitchen is hosting supper clubs every other Wednesday evening in March, starting on the 2nd. You can expect a 3 course menu, traditional (£45pp) or vegan (£40pp), a masterclass in how to eat your sweet little onions and the history of the festival, an aperitif, half bottle of wine and a digestif. Oh, and the wine is served in a ‘porron’, which you pour the wine from… straight into your mouth. Probably don’t wear your best shirt. The menu will be a Catalan feast of romesco, grilled meats and vegetables and finished with Crema Catalana.

If you’re not feeling quite up for braving the whole shebang go for the Calçots only menu, which comes with the chargrilled onions and a porron of wine too.

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