2 years ago

Roti King to open in Circus West Village, Battersea

Got a craving for the most authentic roti in the UK? Soon you’ll be able to pop to Battersea Power Station to get your fix.

Credit: @rotikinguk

If we aren’t 90% roti the week they open then something has gone seriously wrong. Roti King has gained a cult following for their delicious Malaysian food in North West London, and their newest site in the Power Station is going to cause a stir. You’ll even be able to book at this site and avoid their trademark long queues… though they are saving half of the covers for walk-ins too if you’re more spontaneous.

So what’s on the menu? The famous roti of course! You can get them with a choice of kari (mutton, dhal, chicken or fish), you can get them filled with cheese or meat, and we’re pretty interested in the sweet ones too- condensed milk roti? Absolutely. There will also be rice and noodle dishes, and the Battersea restaurant is going to be bringing even more vegetarian dishes to the party. Though the food is Malaysian, the ingredients are British produce for freshness and environmental kindness.

The site will be opening in Circus West Village (so not the actual Power Station) and will be opening in the next few months. Can’t wait for a piece of that sweet, sweet roti.

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