9 months ago

Can we get an Oncore!

Oncore will leave you wanting more. This is a seriously fun way to get your heart rate up, and we doubt you’ll even notice the sweat.

You know those gym classes where you are clock watching? Or where you feel so out of your depth that you can’t have a good time? Or where it seems like it’s just 45 minutes of body punishing? Oncore isn’t one of those. It couldn’t be further from it. This inclusive, fun-first, high energy gym in Clapham Common (just off Clapham Park Road) should go on your list for when you’re next in the market for a good workout. They’ve got a few types classes that you can get involved with; yoga, Pilates (reformer and mat), hiit, barre and ride, all housed within their spacious gym. It’s swanky in there too- big changing rooms, great lighting, showers and appliances to make you feel like new after your workout.

We headed to the Thursday lunchtime spin class and had so much fun. Our instructor, Hayley, was ready to greet us with open arms and she helped us get settled on the bike whilst checking in on our experience with spin. If you are new to a spin class then this would be a great place to start- the whole class was told to do as much as we wanted to in order to feel comfortable; if you’re a pro then there’s a lot of choreography to keep things exciting for the more advanced riders, but if you’re not feeling that then you are welcomed to take a seat and ride to the beat instead. And the beats! Hayley mixes her own tunes and the playlist was a corker. It was easy to get lost in the tunes and forget all about the sweat. There was a little section of weights halfway through the class, so you’ll get a bit of strength in with your cardio. Win win. The energy throughout was high and there was lots of whooping, banter between cyclists and, of course, loads of encouragement from Hayley. The 35 minutes of pedalling time flew by and our cheeks hurt from smiling as much as our legs did the next day.

If you live close enough for a quick lunchtime class during your WFH days then we’d highly recommend a midday spin- we left with more energy and a whole load of endorphins that powered us through the rest of the workday. If you’re not quite that close or need to make it into the office then check out their packed schedule; first classes start from 6.15am and finish at 7.30pm on weekdays so we are sure you’ll find something to suit your sweaty needs!

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