12 months ago

Can you ‘escape the power cut’?

Control Room B has got a brand new attraction and this time it’s serious. Can you fix the power cut before the time runs out?

Credit: @controlroomb

There’s a really cool new experience launching at Battersea Power Station this summer! This against-the-clock escape room activity is 90 minutes of pure exhilaration, where your team of (up to) 5 will have to solve clues, fix puzzles and work out riddles to save the Power Station from losing power completely before it’s too late!

Set within the unique surrounds of Control Room B, you’ll be working away amongst the original control panels and dials of the Power Station. It’s got the ingredients to be a properly fun time- a little bit of adrenaline, some good and proper bonding with your team, a dash of historical information and, of course, some liquid encouragement too. Included with your ticket are two drinks, a welcome cocktail to start you off and then your choice of something from their drinks menu. Now that will keep you sharp!

Credit: @controlroomb

And when you’ve finished? Why not head to the Control Room B bar to celebrate (or commiserate) your win!

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