12 months ago

CAYA is hosting a clothes sale this weekend!

Who’s in?! Pick yourself up some bargain pieces and enjoy a cocktail (or two). Now that’s an easy yes from us.

Credit: @cayabrixton

It’s tough right now, isn’t it? Summer is here and, if you’re anything like us, then you’re probably in need of a wardrobe retouch…But there’s that cost of living crisis. And we all know that fast fashion isn’t exactly the most environmentally friendly of activities. So what to do? Here’s your answer.

Credit: @cayabrixton

CAYA is hosting a 2nd hand clothes sale this Saturday (24th June) from 3.30pm. You will find this sweet Brixton cafe on Coldharbour Lane, where it’s made a name for itself as a cosy community space that’s perfect for hunkering down with a laptop on a WFH weekday or a delicious lunch (we are still dreaming about the grilled cheese we had there a few months back). But for one day only they are turning into a 2nd hand clothes shop! They’ll have racks of clothes for you to browse, as well as cocktails, beers and tunes to keep the vibes pumping.

There’s your cost of living Vs new wardrobe Vs environmental conscious conundrum sorted! Head down, do your shopping and, if you know what’s good, get your hands on a toasty too. Thank you CAYA.

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