5 months ago

Celebrate ‘all things surplus’ with this tasting menu

This dinner is popping up for one night, and one night only, so you’ll have to act fast if you want a seat…

We all know that reducing our food waste is a good idea. It’s good for the planet and good for our wallets but, if you’re anything like us, more often than not the siren call of a meal out will win over the leftovers in the fridge. So when there’s an opportunity to combine a meal out with being environmentally conscious we will, quite frankly, fling ourselves at the chance.

On the 31st January, The Farmers Mistress is hosting one such evening. Their 5 course tasting menu will be entirely made up of surplus food in their bid to help reduce the 9.5 million tonnes of food thrown away per year in the UK and to, hopefully, inspire their diners with the creative dishes they produce. They’re making it clear that the food they’re cooking with isn’t ‘bad’ food. You can rest assured they’re not scraping off mould from the produce in the kitchen. The food would have been destined for the bin most likely due to restaurants over ordering or because it is slightly imperfect in appearance. This menu will celebrate all the wonky fruit and vegetables and transform them into something delicious for your plate.

Of course, the chefs will be working with whatever surplus is delivered to them beforehand so what you’re going to be served will be a surprise until the evening. And to top off evening, the whole meal will only set you back £25! A fiver a course is unheard of in London, so snap this up whilst you can.

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