5 months ago

Mayfair’s Mistress is moving in next month

Mayfair is getting a new, suave, French resident in February. This is the latest restaurant and it’s going to be sexy. Ooh la la, indeed!

Credit: Mistressofmayfair.com

Mayfair is getting a taste of Paris with the opening of Mistress in February. This restaurant/bar is going to be every bit as suave as its neighbourhood, so expect opulence at every turn. The setting is actually subterranean; taking inspiration from the historic tunnels in the French capital where ‘ladies of the night’ were smuggled into male members clubs, so it’ll be dimly lit and full of velvet furnishings, red tones, mirrors and chandeliers.

Pre 11pm Mistress will be open to all and there’ll be high end Parisian food on offer; oysters, caviar, lobster rolls, French fries, fillet mignon… you get the idea. To wash it all down? A glass of the finest from the Champagne trolly of course! After 11pm the place will turn ‘members only’. The music (funk, disco, soul) will be turned up and the bar will stay open until late. Looks like Mistress is already showing off…

Mistress will be opening at 48-49 St. James St, SW1A 1JT in February 2024.

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