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Celebrate Great Mental Health Day 2023 in Lambeth

Mental health can be tough to talk about. This year, Great Mental Health Day is hoping to make it easier with 2 events.

 For its second year, Great Mental Health Day is back. Organised to celebrate the “power of community kindness”, the planners of the event want to especially highlight how crucial community cohesion has been, especially in the past few years, and how it has kept many going when times have been tough. They also want to encourage conversations about mental health and aim to showcase the support available for those struggling. It is a day to really bring people together and recognise the immense power of kindness, friendly neighbours and a happy community. This year the day is being recognised in two ways. 

The first is a community walk on Friday 27th January. The main walk starts at midday at 336 Brixton Road (though you can join them even early at Kennington Station at 11am- just make sure to bring a lunch!). The route will act as a space for members of the community to connect, talk and take in the wonderful borough of Lambeth as they stroll. There will be stops along the way too- you’ll visit the SHARP Gallery where there will be an arty activity showing you ‘new ways to experience London’. Then at 2.30-4pm you’ll be invited to ‘join the joy of sound’ at the Brixton Windmill Education Centre, through a participatory music and dance session before the walk wraps up.

Credit: @junegum

The second way is online, where people are being encouraged to submit a written paragraph paying homage to someone who has made an impact on their life having been especially kind. The submissions will be added to a launch campaign for Great Mental Health Day which will include message and videos from senior leaders of the council too. 

Whether you are able to make it on Friday or not, make sure you take care of your mental health in whatever way feels best for you. Check out the council website here for more details on help and support in our borough. 

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