2 years ago

Celebrate LGBTQ+ History month with Queer Botany

Did you know that lavender is the plant most associated with the LGBTQ+ community? And ever wondered why the pansy got caught up in slang? Head to Chelsea to find out.

Credit: @chelsea_physic_garden

Plants and LGBTQ+ History month aren’t necessarily the most classic paring… unless you’re over at Chelsea Physic Garden. They are putting the two together to celebrate Queer Botany by looking at your favourite flora and fauna through a queer lens. Here’s what they said:

Queer Botany aims to share marginalised perspectives, support more diverse representations in the environment and outdoors, and affirm connections between queerness and plants.

We love their take on the queerness of plants and the natural world- nature is at it’s best when full of diversity, and should’t it be the same amongst humans too? Though the scientific base of a lot of projects like this mean that there is use of binary language, the Queer Botany trail looks to reduce that into a more inclusive gradient.

If you feel like educating yourself or just want to look at some gorgeous flowers in an inclusive way, head to the Garden for a lovely day out.

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