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Celebrate Sambrook’s Brewery’s 15th birthday

Wandsworth’s Sambrooke Brewery is turning an impressive 15 years old and to celebrate they’ve got a weeks worth of events…

Credit: @sambrooksbrew

Sambrooke’s Brewery is a really, really nice place with a lot of history. The tap room they use is the oldest brewing site in the UK, having brewed beer since 1533(!), and though Sambrook’s isn’t quite as old as that it is London’s longest lasting independent brewery. Since opening in 2008 they’ve done a lot of beer making, and now run a tap room where you can get their beers (and guest beers) as fresh as can be. And some really good pizzas, too. So their 15th year is something worth celebrating, and they’re pulling out all the stops with a weeklong schedule of events for their ‘Beer by the River’ celebrations. Check out the full line up below:

Credit: @sambrooksbrew


2008 prices on all of the Sambrook’s beers! There will also be tasters of the Monday Club Lager.


Live jazz, beer pong and a whopping 100L aged imperial stout barrel.

Wednesday 6th: BEER PAIRING

The expert is in the house on Wednesday! The ‘Beer Scientist’ is coming to show you the perfect pairings for your beer and food.

Thursday 7th: IRISH VIBES

Oysters, Irish tunes and a guest appearance from Galway Brewery.

Friday 8th: COMEDY CLUB

There’s a lot going on to kickstart the weekend. Comedy, heritage tours, live music, games… you’re not going to be bored.

Saturday 9th: BIRTHDAY BASH

This is the big one! Cask tastings, cocktails, rugby on the screen, live music and DJs into the evening.

Sunday 10th: SUNDAY FUNDAY

Keep it chilled on Sunday with live jazz, family friendly activity and, of course, a bit more beer.

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