9 months ago

Recharge by the moon at these Lift 109 workshops

Recharge your energies by the moon at these workshops that take place almost as close to it as you can get in London.

If you are searching for a little bit of energy, manifestation or self-development and want to find it in the most magical surrounding in London then here are the workshops for you. Lift 109 has announced two events to celebrate the full moons coming up in September and October. On the 29th and 28th respectively Full Moon Manifestations are taking to the sky in Lift 109. The hour long events will be run by expert spiritual practitioner Roxy Marrone who will use ‘the ancient power of gems, crystals and rituals to help people manifest their dreams’… all with the backdrop of the full moon over London’s skyline. Pretty cool.

Here’s what Roxy has said about the upcoming events; “When Lift 109 reaches the top of Battersea Power Station’s north west chimney, it’s almost like you can touch the sky, the view is inspiring. Having such a unique, uninterrupted view of the full moon adds to the impact of manifesting and the workshops will be powerful, emotional experiences for all who attend.”

These two after-hours events are going to be different each time because of the different moons each month (September is an Aries Moon and in October it will be Taurus), which means that you’ll be able to go to both and get something different out of the events each time.

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