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Chelsea’s got a brand new Pilates studio just in time for your NY resolutions

Promising ‘low lights and high vibes’ Reformcore, a boutique Pilates concept, is ready to become your next fitness obsession.

Credit: reformcore.com

Pilates is really having its moment. And rightly so. These low impact, highly effective classes are fantastic for so many reasons; they improve strength, flexibility and will get you as toned as you’ve ever been. And it’s January- the month where people are notoriously trying to do all of the above. So the news of a brand new Reformer Pilates studio in SW London is music to our ears!

Credit: @antonyrettie

Reformcore is landing on the King’s Road, Chelsea, in mid January and is describing itself as “the hottest new Reformer Pilates Studio in London.” They elevate the usual Pilates experience with their state-of-the-art Reformers which means that you’ll work uber efficiently. It’s tough but effective and you’ll be feeling that deep muscle burn in no time. They’ve got some principals as solid as their abs; effective, efficient, empowering and powerful are the four pillars that hold up this new biz and within those they aim to get you fitter than ever before. Reformcore is also adaptable to any stage in life and fitness, so even if this is your first dabble in Pilates, they’ll be able to make adjustments to accommodate you. Time to get strong, Chelsea!

Reformcore opens on the 15th January and if you like to try before you buy, nab your first class for 50% off.

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