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Make the most of the ‘Big Jan Happy Hour’ at The Duke of Edinburgh

Here’s a happy hour that’s pushing the boundaries. This happy hour won’t be restricted to just 60 mins… This one’s going for a full month.

Credit: @dukebrixton

You know what January is just crying out for? A month long happy hour of course! The Duke of Edinburgh have seized the typically dry, typically skint January by the horns and flipped it on its belly with some ridiculous deals to tempt you away from any ‘not-drinking-too-poor’ style excuses and get you back to where you should be this month: the pub.

The Duke of Edinburgh is a real Brixton institution. If you’ve not been down yet then this is your opportunity to discover the traditional, wooden pub interior, the pool table, all the sports you could want (stand by for the Six Nations which will be landing on their screens any moment now) and whopper of a beer garden. Which, ok, maybe you’ll not be braving in the depths of winter but come summer, will return to its former buzzy glory. Aside from the bones of the place that staff are really fantastic. They ooze ‘cool’ but they ooze it in an unintimidating way that makes you want to keep coming back until you have as good a taste in music as they do…

Credit: @dukebrixton

Back to the Big Jan Happy Hour. From Monday-Friday until 8pm there are some ridiculously cheap drinks flying around at The DoE. It’s £3.50 for pints (Amstel, Inches cider or 0% ABV Heineken), spirits and White Claw. It’s £20 for a bottle of Prosecco and £15 for 2 cocktails… How can you not be tempted! We tried out a few of their cocktails and loved their sweet spin on the espresso martini which included a touch of caramel, but if you want something a bit more zingy then the honey margaritas get our vote. But you can’t really go wrong; this lot know a good cocktail.

And if you stay long enough to get hungry then there’s good news because on the 18th January they are announcing their latest kitchen residency. Previously they’ve had some big hitters in the food scene; Bodean’s BBQ and White Men Can’t Jerk have both had taken reins, so we have a feeling the next one is going to be good. Keep an eye out on their Instagram page to be the first to know.

Tell your pals, tell your Dad, tell yourself and go solo: just don’t miss this happy hour. Cancel dry Jan, The Duke of Edinburgh is calling.

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