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Cinnamon Bazaar are opening a new location in Richmond

Done well, there’s nothing better than Indian street food. And Cinnamon Bazaar do it very well. Good news: there’s more curry coming soon.

Credit: @pho_real_though

Here’s a restaurant group who know what they’re doing in the hospitality game. The same group that have the Cinnamon Club (Westminster), Cinnamon Kitchen (The City and Battersea) and Cinnamon Bazaar (Covent Garden) are expanding yet again… and this time they’re going to Richmond.

They’ll be branching out their ‘Bazaar’ restaurant, which currently has a site in Covent Garden. Open all day, it’s as good for weekend brunching as it is for a pre-theatre dinner, and it’s looking like the same formula will apply in the Richmond location. Opening on the 5th March, the restaurant will be a stone’s throw from the famous Richmond Theatre, so we can expect to see the same delightful pre-theatre set menus as well as the a la carte, brunch and afternoon tea offerings that the Covent Garden location has.

Credit: @foodiesianeats

If you’ve visited one of the Cinnamon group restaurants then you’ll know that they are experts in Indian food. Chef Vivek Singh is at the helm and creates menus with some of the most innovative, exciting Indian food that London has at the moment. Each Cinnamon establishment has its own personality, but here’s how the Bazaar locations are described on the website: “Cinnamon Bazaar is inspired by bazaars in antiquity and in the modern day. In India and across the world, the bazaar is the place to buy, sell, exchange, entertain and be entertained. For centuries the vibrant energy of these marketplaces has inspired us to explore new flavours and new possibilities and Cinnamon Bazaar aims to capture this and bring it to London”.They aim for a relaxed, convivial atmosphere at the restaurants and the menu is full of small, playful plates, chaats, curries and lots of breads and rice options to mop up any stray sauces.

So stand by, Richmond: there’s a curry coming to you soon.

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