1 year ago

Clapham is getting some new street art in 2023

Dreary January be gone! There is colour coming to the streets of Clapham in the New Year and we can’t wait for this arty installation.

Credit: @studiovoltairelondon

In the New Year, Bedford Road in Clapham will be getting an artistic addition to its streets. Flo Brooks is taking to the streets to produce a colourful piece that celebrates Clapham Common. The art, named ‘Inner Bark Out’ will be produced on aluminium panels and is made to show The Common as “a unique site of gathering, exploring the social, political and ecological threads encountered and generated in public parks and commons”.

Credit: @studiovoltairelondon

Brooks is also adding in elements of history from Clapham’s past; placards from protests and vigils will also be included in the work to add a context and depth to the piece. To be unveiled on the 25th January, we are sure that the work will not only add some colour, but also be a wonderful depiction of the rich history of Clapham Common. Flo- we can’t wait to see what you create!

The artwork has been commissioned by Clapham Public Realm Programme produced by Studio Voltaire and in partnership with This is Clapham BID.

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