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Clapham Model Yacht Club: A Timeless Tradition

The Clapham Model Yacht Club (CMYC) sails into history as the only model yacht club south of the Thames in London.

With its convenient urban location and storied past, CMYC is not just a club; it’s a journey through time, right in the heart of the city.

Navigating History

Since the 1800s, the Long Pond has been a venue for model yachting, becoming a formal racing site by 1870. From simple wooden models to elaborate replicas, it’s seen diverse vessels. The sport firmly rooted itself in the area by the 1880s, culminating in the formation of the Model Yachting Association (MYA) in 1911.

Club Chronicles

The current CMYC, established in 1934, carries the legacy of various clubs that have sailed the Long Pond since the mid-1880s. Despite wartime interruptions, the allure of model yachting has consistently drawn enthusiasts and spectators, especially during the lively Sundays between the wars.

Technological Tides

From “free sailing” models to those with advanced self-steering mechanisms like Braine Gear and Vane Gear, the sport’s technology has evolved significantly. These innovations have enhanced the competitive aspect, making races more dynamic and exciting.

Enthusiastic CMYC members 23.01.1938

Cultivating Community

Today, the CMYC continues to offer competition, camaraderie, and connection to the past. The club’s focus on community involvement and education ensures that the spirit of model yachting will sail on for future generations.

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