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D Vine Cellars have got your Christmas sorted

Did you know London’s best independent wine shop (’23) is right here in Clapham? D Vine really are top of their game.

You don’t need us to tell you that there is no shortage of wine bars in and around Clapham, but we love this Clapham North spot for the diversity of what’s going on in there. D Vine is a bit hidden- it’s just off the high street (1 Voltaire Road, to be precise) and it’s well worth seeking out. Established in Clapham for 11 years, D Vine is run by wine expert, Greg, and it’s a completely charming place to browse for wine- and more- in the shop, or to enjoy a wine tasting event in the intimate downstairs space. Though it’s dinky, there’s a lot of strings to the bow of this spot. Let us tell you all about them…

The shop

First thing’s first, there’s the shop. There’s all sorts in there; of course a huge range of wines. They’ve got over 600 different kinds to choose from! All are ethically sourced from producers all over the world and you’ll find many a biodynamic, organic, natural and/or sustainable bottle in there. They’ve got the classics as well as the fancier, save-for-Christmas Day bottles, so no matter your budget there’ll be something that suits you perfectly. The nice thing about it here is that they really are specialists in what they do- just like how M.Moen & Sons are the meat people, Moxons are the fish people, D Vine are the wine people and there’ll always be someone on hand to give you pointers if you get stuck. The team have got a combined experience of 50+ years in the wine world, so they really are the very best out there to help you choose the right thing. If you’re looking for something extra then there’s also spirits, locally brewed beers, cheeses and great things to eat with a glass of wine. 

And when the shopping all gets too much? Well, you can always get a glass of wine to enjoy in store.

The tasting events

D Vine are always putting on events to share their depth of knowledge. The downstairs space is the perfect spot for tasting nights. There are a couple of upcoming events that you’re going to want to get your tickets for:

  • 6th December: Alternative Wine Christmas Generous and heart warming wines, the kind of thing to be drinking after a long dog walk in the snow, or taking along to a dinner party.
  • 13th December: Christmas Indulgence A wonderful range of Christmas wines, come and discover why Port, Bordeaux & Champagne make the perfect festive tipples.
  • 24th January: Australian Classics  The Australia Day Tasting will focus on the classics on which the Australian wine industry was built.

Whether you want to get prepped for the 25th or you’re already looking forward to breaking ‘dry Jan’, these tasting events are well worth going to. At each one you’ll get a load of different wines plus appropriate snacks to go with as well as top notch info about everything you’re trying.

The hampers and cases

The perfect Christmas gifts are here! Hampers, mixed cases and really lovely bottles are ready and waiting to please your loved ones this festive period. If you want to leave it to the experts then they’ve got 3 pre-made hampers ready to be gifted. All you need to do is pick between aperitivo & Cava, cheese & port or chocolate & PX sherry. Or, if you’re keeping it strictly booze, the mixed cases are a great option. There are loads of those to choose from, too, but you can rest assured that they’ll be great bottles that have all been carefully selected by the pros in the team.

So when you’re out shopping for gifts or your table this Christmas, we reckon you should stop by D Vine. It’s one of the most personable experiences we’ve had and the team will really work to get to know you, and your tastes, from your first visit. And after that first visit? We guarantee you’ll be back soon.

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