6 months ago

Slab City slaps

We get it- how good can a pizza be? Well let us tell ya, after a slice from this Clapham Common spot, your pizza mind will be blown.

As the name suggests, Slab City aren’t turning out a dainty pizza. Forget all pizza-related conventions: roundness and thin crusts won’t feature on this menu, oh no. These are Detroit style pies. They are thick, square and as squadgy as they come. In short, they are bloody delicious. It’s no wonder they’re so good. The owner (who also is a Clapham local) has 20 years experience working in kitchen and everything is made in house- including the pizza dough and focaccia bread used for the sandwiches, both of which are 36-hour proofed sourdough. The proof is in the pudding here; everything tastes fresh and is clearly very expertly thought through.

It was hard to refrain from ordering absolutely everything when looking over the menu- all of the options sounded fantastic to us pizza lovers but we managed to whittle it down to just 2 of their classic Detroit styles, both of which came on a sweet marinara and cheese-blend base; the ‘Hot-Take’ (pepperoni, jalapeños, n’duja, ricotta, hot honey and basil) and the ‘Rizo’ (chorizo, roasted red onion, chipotle aioli). What an absolute treat these were. They were really well presented and we appreciated the more inventive toppings; both were full of flavour and seasoned perfectly. But what is detroit style pizza without good dipping sauce? We recommend getting a few to try- we ordered a trio; the hot honey, ranch and smoked garlic made each mouthful a little flavour bomb and the latter had us happily double dipping.

But there’s more. Slab City don’t just stop at the Detroit pies, oh no. You know your favourite chips you get from the local Chinese? The incredibly moorish salt and pepper kind? Well, to accompany your pizza you can also indulge in some delicious salt and pepper fries which make for the ideal carby side. We loved this addition and would 100% recommend getting a portion. They also make a terrific vessel for more of those dipping sauces…

If Detroit isn’t a bit of you then 1) we don’t understand and 2) get the NYC style instead! They’ve got those classic, thinner based, round pizzas on the counter too and these you can get by the slice. A great option if you’re needing to grab and go but you’re still after a pizza hit. Simple, easy and very, very good.

Sadly by this point we were too stuffed to give the focaccia sandwhiches, brownies and cakes a try, but if the rest of the menu is anything to go by then we’ve no doubt that they’ll be extremely delicious. There’s even single origin coffee going on here so you don’t need to worry about falling into a food coma after consuming copious amounts of cheese and bread! And- at £3 for a latte- this has got to be some of the best priced coffee in Clapham.

Lucky for the Claphamites, this location is very, very convenient. It’s just opposite Clapham Common tube which makes it an easy dinner winner. But if you’re not rocking around SW4 then don’t panic because there are other options to get you your doughy delights. There’s a sister site in Tooting which you can visit in Broadway Market or if you’re hunkering down at home you can get them delivered on the popular apps. (Except the 20 inch pizzas which are available for collection only… they’re too big for delivery cyclists and that makes us want them even more).

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