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Get merry with the seasonal drinks at Havana Coco

Forget Pret’s Merry Berry hot chocolate or the praline latte from Starbucks. There are new festive drinks in town, & they’re just as iconic.

Havana Coco is a great spot in any season- when it’s warm out grab a seat on their patio out front for some prime people watching and when it’s cooler the inside is cosy enough to hunker down in (and tropical enough to make you forget the blustery London weather). This winter they’ve embraced the Christmas spirit and have recently launched their brand new festive menu. We paid them a visit to try these four festive additions to their regular cocktail list and if you’re the kind of person who wants to live, breathe and drink the festive season then may we suggest Havana Coco for your next night out…

If you’ve been before then you’ll know that they use premium label booze here. It’s that top quality stuff that makes the difference in the drinks, and you can really taste the cleanliness of the alcohol. The team here are also top quality- they’re all expert drink curators and the same expertise, love, passion and attention to detail has gone into this new menu. Here are the 4 stars of December:

  • Choco waves. The main flavour of this one is from Cioccolatosa Casoni (which is a chocolate liqueur). It’s also got a hefty dose of tequila, lemon and chilli so if you’re a fan of a spicy marg, this is a must-try. It’ll probably be your new favourite drink.
  • Coco Hiball. Whisky people, walk this way. Smokey, deep flavours from a walnut vermouth and orange bitters, but it’s the glug of ginger ale makes it a very easy drinker.
  • Winter Bliss. This cocktail is so beautiful it could pass as a dessert. The pistachio foam was so creamy and made for a nice contract to the sharpness of the lemon-scented drink.
  • Havana 75. So wild berry liqueur with balsamic vinegar might not sound particularly delicious but trust us, it’s good. Powerful, yes, but good. If you like ’em strong, this is a great option for you.

The truly merry thing about this is that it’s only going to set you back £7 for a cocktail- some of the best prices we’ve seen in London. There’s also a daily happy hour (yep, even on Saturdays!) which means that there really is no reason to not drink your way through their seasonal favourites. They’re open for Christmas bookings so grab colleagues or chums and pick your poison.

P.S: If you want to win a bar tab worth £100 and, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t, head over to our instagram page here for all the details and to enter. Good luck!

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