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Early Doors is back for round 3 this September

The evening party everyone didn’t know they needed is back for its 3rd time after the roaring success of its first events.

Credit: @balhamnewsie

The Exhibit Bar is stepping in once again to host this evening party, which is organised by Balham locals with similar lifestyles. As you might have clocked by the name, Early Doors is all about starting the party early meaning you can get to bed at a reasonable time and feel like you’ve had a proper night out all at the same time. Because who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

These events start at 8pm and finish at 1am, so are perfect for those who need to wake up in the morning for the kids, the dogs or just really need their full nights sleep. Organiser, Janeen, is keen to emphasise that just because the evenings are a little less conventional doesn’t mean that the music will suffer: disco, house and dance are very much on the agenda. Here’s what she’s said about the event;

Early Doors’ is all about great music and great people who want to go out, dance, drink and have a fun time but still get home early enough to function fully the next day. I used to go to all-nighters and dance until dawn 30 years ago, but these days I value my sleep more. The last few nights I’ve been to that have been run by big name promoters have been musically disappointing – instead of just complaining I decided to start my own night. The ED DJs know how to rock the dancefloor – you will certainly hear more killer than filler at our parties.”

Credit: @theexhibitbar

The previous two events sold out in no time, so make sure you grab your tickets for this one on the 30th September. They’ll only cost you a tenner and proceeds from sales will go to local charities and schools.

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