12 months ago

Get your claws into this new fishy spot

Burgers are good. Hot dogs too. But if you want something a little lighter, head to London Claws where they replace the meat with fish. Yum.

Credit: @balhamnewsie

In time to satisfy all your summer cravings, London Claws have opened up in Balham. Don’t get us wrong- there is something unbeatable about a freshly charred sausage, but after a while the meat-forward approach of BBQ season can get a little exhausting. London Claws are the answer to your meat sweats. They replace the meat with their lighter, fresher counterpart: fish.

Run and owned by Atila, who has been in the hospitality world for 7 years, the concept is all about bringing quality seafood street-food to the masses. They’ve opened in the area just outside Post Market (on Balham High Road) and specialise in rolls and burgers, so on their menu you can find prawn rolls, lobster rolls, crab cake burgers and soft-shell crab burgers. It’s a simple but punchy menu and we guarantee trying to decide on what you want to eat won’t be as easy as you think.

London Claws is open every day between 11.30am and 11pm.

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