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Eunice causing blustery havoc in London

Hold on to your hats, London, it’s windy out there. Storm Eunice is here and he’s causing all sorts of chaos. Here’s what it means for London.

Credit: @buddhism4vampires

“Bit windy out there, isn’t it?” “Tough day for the wheely-bins!” “The streets have turned into a graveyard for brollies.” All phrases we can PROMISE you’ll be hearing in the next 24 hours as Eunice causes havoc. The Brits of London love any excuse for some satirical humour and, TBH, it is looking like a bad day to be a green bin. Ours hasn’t got up for hours.

Eunice is the worst storm we’ve had in Britain for decades, with 90MPH winds expected and a strict red weather warning in place until 3pm in London, which means risk of death from debris. This means that all Royal Parks (& Clapham Common) have been closed for the day, many COVID testing sites have shut down and that lots of council services are being put on hold until, well, the storm blows over. If you’re a regular Park Runner check your local event as lots of these have been preemptively cancelled for tomorrow morning too.

The army is also on standby to offer emergency support, and Sadiq Khan is urging all Londoners not to travel unless it is absolutely necessary today.

So hunker down, London, now is your time to finally finish that Netflix series. Stay safe.

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