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Events that are coming to Brockwell Park in 2024

Brockwell Park is a real hub any time of the year. The sports pitches, the long dog walks and all the events that take to the open space…

Brockwell Park is, unsurprisingly, busy in the next 12 months. We’ve found the released events that will be taking place in 2024 and, between the 26th April and the 26th August there is a lot to keep you entertained. The Brockwell Live events are back! There’s a total of 21 days of Bensons Funfair! The Country Show is returning! Check out the full schedule (so far) below:

  • Bensons Funfair, 26th April- 6th May
  • Brockwell Music Trail, 18th June
  • Project 6, 24th May
  • Wide Awake, 25th May
  • Cross The Tracks, 26th May
  • City Splash, 27th May
  • Brockwell Bounce, 29th May
  • Mighty Hoopla, 1st-2nd June
  • Lambeth Country Show, 8th-9th June
  • Bensons Funfair, 16th-26th August

The Brockwell Music Trail was something that especially piqued our interest. Here’s what the organisers have said about the June event: “The Brixton Chamber Orchestra would like to deliver an original bespoke musical event in Brockwell Park in Spring 2024. The idea is to encourage people to discover more of the varied and interesting spaces in Brockwell Park whilst searching out small chamber groups of musicians, sequestered in nooks, crannies, structures, hedgerows and wherever else one can think of! Guests will follow the distant sound of a Haydn string quartet into the Big White House, or catch the tone of a flute on the air coming from the MBX track. They might see the glint off a trumpet or French horn under a streetlight by the Lido, or hear the rustle of a crowd jostling into a greenhouse to watch a cello duet.”

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