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Everything you should know about the improvements happening on Clapham Common

We chatted to chair of CCMAC, Simon Millson, who told us about all the work going on on the Common to keep it a space to be enjoyed by all.

Simon Millson

We went for a walk with Simon Millson, Chair of the Clapham Common Management Advisory Committee (CCMAC), to hear all about the plans (past and future) of Clapham Common. Simon was able to tell us about the huge amount of work that CCMAC has done in recent years, with the help of Friends of Clapham Common and the Council.

Much of the work already done will be things that you’ve noticed on the Common, but a lot of it may well have slipped by. Here’s an extensive list of all the things that have already been improved on the Common:

  • Refurbished Bandstand
  • New playground by Windmill Drive
  • New perimeter bollards along Windmill Drive (more incoming)
  • Refurbished basketball courts
  • Closure of a section of Windmill Drive
  • Reconditioned ‘events’ site
  • New composting facility
  • 30 new bins installed and 70+ big bins cleaned and repaired
  • Addition of 37 new light columns
  • Wildflower areas
  • 50 new bird and bat boxes
  • Removal of obsolete and out of date signs
  • Two new cafes – Megans and Pear Tree Cafe
  • CCTV cameras

… They’ve been busy. And the work isn’t over. Having just secured another bulk of funding, CCMAC have got big plans for the next 10 years of the Common’s life. Here’s what’s planned:

  • New platforms at Mount Pond
  • Landscaped Windmill Drive
  • New benches
  • New cafe at the bowling green
  • New wildflower meadow
  • New bins
  • New water play
  • New paths
  • Local nature reserve
  • Refurbished changing rooms
  • New cafe near Battersea Woods

We were especially excited to hear about the new cafe that will be opening in place of the disused toilet block at Battersea Woods. What is currently an eyesore on the Common is about to be transformed into a hub; perfect for picking up a coffee for your dog walk or something hot to warm up after a football match.

Wildflower area

Speaking to Simon, it was interesting to hear about their three-pronged approach when tackling the long list of improvements that the Common. The committee splits their list by the categories: relaxation, sport and wildlife/environment. Of course, the space is used by many people for many different reasons, so this division of needs helps when it comes to making balanced decisions for the Common.

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