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Experience the ‘Goddess Touch’ right here in Clapham

You may not have heard about Clapham’s latest massage offering yet. Having only opened in September, the Goddess Touch is well worth a visit.

It’s no secret that London life is stressful. City living, socialising, work, getting your steps in and not eating the same Deliveroo every night is a lot for anyone to manage. And, honestly, most of the time we don’t manage all of that ’cause we are just too darn busy. That busyness means stress. Stress means hunched shoulders and tight jaws. The antidote? A really good massage. Enter: The Goddess Touch by Kay C.

We walked into this brand new space feeling every bit the Londoner we are. Frazzled and frayed and this close to loosing it at the Northern Line. But stepping off Clapham High Street, down a few flights of stairs away from the horns and the sirens is a below-ground oasis. It’s only one room but the calming lights, meditation style music and cosy ambiance meant that we might as well have been in a spa.

Kay herself was a complete delight. She is a pro in making you feel comfortable straight away. We had a little chat at the start where Kay worked out exactly what kind of treatment would work best for us and she asked all the right kind of questions- what pressure we preferred, any areas we’d like her to focus on etc etc. And she really heard us. Throughout our 75 minute treatment the strength of the massage remained exactly how we liked it and she really worked on the niggling areas we’d mentioned.

We had a 60 minute Swedish massage followed by a 15 minute face massage and for just over an hour we totally forgot about the outside world. We were able to sink into the bed immediately and Kay’s technique had us teetering on the edge of sleep… Though we were desperate to stay awake to soak up the whole experience. We were massaged from our ears to our toes (literally) and left feeling the most zen we’d been in a long while. The effects of the massage didn’t just last a few hours though- we found ourselves sleeping much better and waking up with a spring in our step the next day, not to mention the aches and pains that had melted away.

There’s lots of holistic treatments on offer at Goddess Touch; Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy and hot stone are just some, and we really enjoyed the face massage too. We’d never had one before and it was amazing how quickly we felt the tension in our jaw, forehead and neck dissolve. And, depending on your schedule, there are different lengths of treatments- Kay can do anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes to suit you.

Want to feel like a new person? We’ve got some exclusive offers for you: how does 20% for all 30-45 minute treatments and 35% off all 60-90 minute full body treatment sessions sound? To redeem all you need to do is follow The Goddess Touch on instagram (here), screenshot the reel video on the Best of Clapham instagram (here) and email Kay (here). What the perfect opportunity to indulge in the Goddess Touch Experience. 

The Goddess Touch is open Tues-Thurs 10am- 6.30pm and Fri- Sat 10am-5pm. 

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