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Felicity Aesthetics is the trustworthy aesthetics practitioner you’ve been looking for

Finding someone you are willing to trust wholeheartedly with your skin can be extremely hard… until you discover Felicity.

Something we were unaware of before we met Felicity was that the UK is the only country in the world where treatments like Botox, dermal fillers and thread lifts can be carried out by pretty much anyone, without proper professional qualifications or insurance. If you ask us- and Felicity- people deserve to undergo treatments with trustworthy practitioners.

Felicity is one such person. Having trained at the Harley Academy in London (the only aesthetics training academy that offers the highest aesthetics qualification) she decided to open her own business in SW London. She’s created a real oasis of a room, situated within the Core Connection gym complex just off Wandsworth Common (which, by the way, is well worth checking out whilst you’re in that area). She explained her philosophy to us as “… a natural approach to the health of the skin, and enhancing one’s natural features subtly, whilst working on the health of the skin to prevent and treat signs of ageing. Essentially, looking like yourself but I want you to look and feel well“. That’s a philosophy we can certainly get behind.

She offers all kinds of treatments. From anti-wrinkle injections, skin rejuvenation, natural aesthetic enhancements, micro-needling, chemical feels and bespoke facials. If you visit her you’ll get a free consultation which includes an in-depth skin analysis and, as Felicity says, “…as much skincare advice as you can handle!“.

Having visited Felicity we couldn’t recommend her more. She is naturally a very easy person to talk to and we immediately felt welcomed and comfortable. She also very clearly has such an extensive wealth of knowledge about skin and loves sharing all her tips and tricks. One thing that we loved was when she said she found talking about skin and doing facials ‘really fun’ and it was exactly that enthusiasm that makes her practice so special. Nothing felt like too much effort; we learnt an incredible amount before we even had the treatment and everything was explained to us so clearly, she asked lots of questions to make sure she had a clear picture of what our experience with our skin was like and she followed up after the appointment with lots of recommendations for products and techniques that would be beneficial. We really appreciated that Felicity pointed towards alternative, easy to access brands (the kinds you can find in Boots) as well as the higher end stuff. The idea is to take into account any budget whilst reducing the steps in a skincare regime. It’s touches like this that really show how she cares for the people who come in through her door.  

We had a bespoke facial that was specifically tailored to our skin after the initial analysis. She used medical grade products to target skin concerns, boost our hydration and give that healthy glow that we are all after! Felicity also used the very impressive, very snazzy ‘Obagi Skintrinsiq’ machine on us- which you’ll only find in 3 other practices in the whole of the UK! And you should absolutely make the most of having this one in an SW London postcode because it’s seriously clever. It works by using ‘pneumatic technology’ to open cells, extract any debris by (a very satisfying) suction all while using UV light to kill bacteria. That same tech was used to infuse active ingredients to deeper layers of the skin that you wouldn’t usually be able to reach and lock them there! It means you get maximum, lasting results.

It really was an amazing treatment and far from an in-and-out, generic facial. Our skin felt incredible for days and days afterwards and we were doused in compliments from friends remarking on the glowy appearance of our face. The results were some of the best we’ve ever had after leaving a facial.

We think you should get involved too. Check out some of the offers Felicity is offering at the moment:

  • 15% off all treatments and products for new patients
  • 20% for weddings (all of the wedding party)
  • 20% NHS discount
  • 20% off facials, chemical peels and Profhilo for February and March  
  • £30 for you and your friend when you refer them

It’ll be worth your while keeping an eye on what Felicity Aesthetics are up to in the near future. We’ve heard rumours that she is looking to collaborate with the team at Core Connection and a local doctor to offer a package in holistic approach to women’s heath and the menopause too…

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