4 months ago

The Wine Tasting Shop has launched an online store

Can’t get to the wine? Then let the wine come to you! And now it’s easier than ever because The Wine Tasting Shop have gone online.

We all love hunkering down in a cosy wine bar and watching the world go by. And The Wine Tasting Shop on Hildreth Street is exactly the kind of place where you can do just that. They are constantly hosting interesting wine tasting events where you can try out a variety of different bottles, but they’re just as good if you are looking to cosy up in a nook with a pal, a charcuterie board and a big glass of something delicious.

But sometime making it to Balham might not be possible. Maybe it’s raining, maybe you’re too tired or maybe you just would rather stay in your PJs. But just because you can’t make it to the store itself shouldn’t mean that you miss out on their fabulous selection of wine…

Which is why it is exciting to hear that they’ve just launched their online wine store, meaning you can get your hands on wine beyond the confines of SW12. Owners Rex and Cat Rosales are excited to share their enthusiasm for wine with everyone, no matter where you are. Even better is that, if you’re not totally clued up on the kinds of wine that you like, the website is really easy to navigate- there are lots of recommendations from Rex and Cat themselves and you can even get in touch with them directly if you’re especially stuck. It’s the in-store service you love, online!

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