2 years ago

Fogo De Chão; a meat lovers paradise

Meat lovers step this way. Unlimited Brazilian meats, a delicious buffet and incredible staff. Loosen your belts and dive in.

Fogo De Chão seems to be the definition of a hidden gem. We’ve walked past it countless times on the High Street in Clapham and not known of the magic that goes on within their four walls. And if you’re like us and are yet to discover them, let us enlighten you.

A traditional Brazilian restaurant, Fogo De Chão specialises in an extensive menu of meat. There are 3 menu options- the Full Rodizio grill, the luxury version of that (which includes the same selection and an extra selection of top shelf meats and giant prawn) and the vegetarian traditional dishes, which is the unlimited buffet, which also comes with the meat options.

We were excited to get stuck in. As we’d not been there before, we were grateful to the staff for the comprehensive way they talked us through the options and the buffet. We went for the full grill, and before it came headed over to the buffet to peruse the unlimited sides on offer. Buffets often get reputation for being a bit stale/tepid/random. But this was unlike any we’ve experienced in the past. Everything we tried was fresh, cohesive and if we hadn’t been warned about the unlimited meat about to come, we could have really gone to town. The feijoada, a black bean stew was deceptively flavoursome and a particular favourite. The cheese board on the buffet table was a great addition too… why don’t more places do a cheese board?

Fogo De Chão is not only unique in the food they serve, but the way they serve it. When you’ve selected all you want from the buffet, the meats are bought directly to the table and carved in front of you by one of the servers.

The chicken breast wrapped in bacon was a really tasty one, as was the picanha (a cap of rump). But amongst that we were treated to a selection of leg of lamb, beef and pork ribs, tiger prawns, pork loin… the list goes on (and on). The quantity is certainly there, but they don’t forget the quality. The flavours were so distinct on each dish and we enjoyed trying such a variety of traditional food. When you’ve reached your limit, all you need to do is flip over to the card you’re given on your table that says ‘Yes please’ on one side, and ‘No thank you’ on the other. Simple as that. Though the food is so good it is hard to find the will power to turn the card.

Of course, we had to wash down the meal with a Caipirinha. You’ll not be surprised to hear that it was delicious and the perfect, refreshing drink to wash down the meal.

For the quantity and quality of food you get at this Brazilian joint, you’d be silly to give it a miss. Full of flavour and fun- much like you after you’ve eaten there.

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