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Franco Manca Eyes Sustainable Expansion with New Brixton Flagship

Franco Manca, the beloved pizzeria chain known for its sourdough pizzas, is embracing a sustainable growth strategy with plans to open between seven and ten new locations across the UK in the coming year.

The expansion follows the relocation of its flagship store to a more prominent location in Brixton, directly opposite the train station. The new flagship site, just a stone’s throw from its original location, boasts a significantly larger kitchen. This includes a state-of-the-art Marana pizza oven and ample space for the staff, enhancing both the operational efficiency and the overall dining experience.

Marcel Khan, the CEO of Fulham Shore, the brand’s parent company now under the umbrella of the Toridoll Group, highlighted the improvements. “Now we’ve got a proper preparation area and staff have got a place to change,” he explained. “You can stretch out the prep and no one is bumping into each other. Customers aren’t bumping into each other.”

Khan believes that the unique atmosphere of Franco Manca is a key factor in its success. “We’re not a restaurant, we are a pizzeria. You want noise, you want colour, and you want to see this,” he stated, emphasizing the vibrant, interactive environment that defines their venues.

With a commitment to quality and simplicity, Khan expressed confidence in the adaptability of Franco Manca’s concept to different spaces. “The ‘white space’ for Franco Manca in the UK is, we believe, substantial,” he noted, indicating significant potential for expansion.

The expansion strategy is not only about increasing the number of locations but also about enhancing the quality of the experience. Khan addressed the future of the company’s food delivery service and its firm stance against using dark kitchens, which do not align with their values. “Am I happy with the delivery? I think we do a good job. Could we do a better job? Hell yes,” Khan admitted, indicating ongoing efforts to improve all aspects of service.

The recent openings in Plymouth, Scotland, and Northern Ireland mark the beginning of this ambitious expansion, which also includes ventures into Spain. This growth is part of a long-term vision supported by Franco Manca’s stakeholders, Toridoll and Capdesia, who are committed to the sustainable and ethical growth of the brand.

In his closing remarks, Khan highlighted the importance of continuous improvement and maintaining close relationships with small producers, essential to the brand’s sustainable ethos. “It’s all about relationships and it’s all about connection,” he concluded, optimistic about Franco Manca’s future in a challenging industry landscape.

Franco Manca’s commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability sets it apart as it continues to expand its footprint and redefine the pizzeria experience across the UK and beyond.

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