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Get a taste of Texas at The Blues Kitchen with this new menu

If you love flavours like Tex Mex, BBQ and pie then check this out… but act fast because it’s not hanging about forever!

Credit: @eatmcr

From now until the 31st August you can get a taste of the lone star state at The Blues Kitchen. Their menu takeover is a celebration of all things Texan and, cleverly, they’ve outsourced the planning of the three parts of the exclusive menu (tacos, burgers and drinks) to well known Texan foodie institutions…

The tacos have been orchestrated by Beto & Son, a Dallas based restaurant that make ‘next generation Mexican food’. They’ve come up with two flavours for the Blues Kitchen menu. First is the Texas brisket- brisket, cheddar, fried onions, pickled jalapeño salsa and a chipotle BBQ sauce. The other option is the beer battered salmon taco which is crispy salmon, pickled slaw, avocado and chipotle aioli. Both sound equally good to us.

Credit: @eatmcr

New restaurant Nitro Burger, again from Dallas, are in charge of the burger and they’ve not gone half measures. They’re all about putting a fresh spin on the classic American favourites, burgers and milkshakes and have done exactly that with their ‘Big Texan’ burger stack: beef patty, brisket, beef sausage, onion ring, cheese, pickled jalapeño salsa and that chipotle BBQ sauce. An all-American mouthful if ever we’ve seen… you’ll need something to wash that all down with!

Credit: @eatmcr

That’s where the drinks come in. Curated by Julian Rodarte’s (a bar who has been voted the best margs in Dallas for the past 3 years) are a trio of tequila-based cocktails. There’s a strawberry and jalapeño margarita, a prickly pear margarita and a smokey Paloma. No doubt one, two or all three will get you in the mood for a bit of dancing and luckily enough The Blues Kitchen is the perfect place to let your hair down. There’s live music every night and a lot over the next two months is Texas themed, so get ready to swing your partner and kick up the heels of your cowboy boots on the dance floor!

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