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Get free burgers in Battersea this weekend!

Manna has just opened in Battersea Power Station and to celebrate they are giving away 250 free burgers on the 7th, 8th & 9th July!

Credit: @gemmabelleats

Manna is exactly the kind of burger you’ve been craving. The classic smashed kind: crispy, thin patty, melted cheese encased in warmed bun. Squishy simplicity done really well. And Manna do it really well- they’ve been in the burger game for a while and have a spot in the Arcade food hall in central where flocks of their fans religiously will make the pilgrimage for a meal.

Credit: @manna_burgers

Their menu is unapologetically small. They’ve got a few beef smash burgers, a few fried chicken burgers and waffle fries as their only side. Though, as any US eatery worth their salt, they load up on the condiments: Manna sauce, buffalo, ranch, honey mustard, creamy jalapeño. Basically, Manna know that they do burgers like no-one else and if you are after a taste of authentic American food, then head here.

They’ve just opened inside the Power Station (find them in Turbine Hall B) and to celebrate they are going all out by giving away 250 smash burgers for free on Friday 7th, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th July! Clear your diary- it’s first come first serve so you’ll want to be down there quick.

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