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Go to The Sicilian Deli for the best pasta sauce… and so much more

If you can’t get to Italy this December, let Italy come to you. There’s pasta sauce that is sunshine bottled… and so much more.

We love the story of how The Sicilian Deli came to be. On a flight to Sicily owner, Stephen, read an article about how the supermarket pasta sauce ‘Dolomio’ was rammed full of sugar and salt to be more palatable for kids. Stephen decided he could do better, and with cofounder Carlo- they did. They made their own sauces using tomatoes ripened in the heat of the Sicilian sun and harvested at the end of summer. The flavour of the tomatoes is so good that there doesn’t need to be much else added. It’s all natural and completely delicious. Then came the next step. They had jars and jars of the best tomato in London, but nowhere to sell it! That’s when they opened The Sicilian Deli back in 2020. Its first home is on Rosendale Road but since its roaring success in those 2 years, the second deli opened at the beginning of this year in Herne Hill.

There are over 400 products stocked in the delis, and each has been really carefully selected by Carlo and Stephen. From the pasta to the oils, the beers to the counter cheeses, everything has been chosen to be in the store for a reason. They work closely with local artisans and producers to champion smaller businesses and anything branded with ‘The Sicilian’ has been made by them in Italy. There’s a lot going on in their delis too; alcohol, arancini, soups, focaccia, pastries, lasagna, olives, sauces, condiments, coffee… You get the idea.

Though the pasta sauce is the hero product and the reason why we are blessed with two Sicilian Delis, there are some other bits that we couldn’t wait to try out. We’s heard rumours about the arancini being some of the best around. Our crunchy mouthful of deep fried and perfectly creamy risotto with a meaty filling was absolutely delicious! The focaccia sandwiches were really generously filled with porchetta are certainly not to be missed either. We finished up our lunch with a decadently filled cannoli and a real Italian coffee… And for a second we forgot we were still in London and not in the sunshine of Sicily.  

They are currently doing a deal on their irresistible pasta sauce; buy one jar and you’ll get the second half price. Plus they’ve got some goodies for Christmas floating around at the moment; they’ve got some handmade Sicilian Panettones and there are some beautiful hampers available for you to buy for a lovely gift- there’s one for £75 or £125 depending on your budget.

Bottled in a jar of their pasta sauce or oozing out of their cannoli, head over to The Sicilian Deli for a true taste of the Italian sunshine.

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