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Gymnasium Brixton; a workout and a community

We can’t stop going back to Gymnasium. The workouts and the community spirit make for a heady cocktail that keep you returning again & again.

We love Gymnasium, you know we do. We wrote about the Clapham branch here and raved about its fantastic facilities, classes and community spirit. As well as the gym in Clapham, they’ve got a spot in Wandsworth (on Wandsworth High Street) and their Brixton location (on Stockwell Road) opened in January this year. Every time we’ve been to the Clapham gym, we’ve wanted to return immediately; there is something about the combination of community spirit and workout endorphins that make the experience addictive, so we were excited to head over to their newest location to see if it had that same magic.

Brixton Gymnasium is an airy space that still feels shiny and new. It’s got a members area where you can kick back and chill out with other members pre or post class, and the bright changing rooms are stocked with nice showers, Dyson hairdryers and straighteners for that after-workout-before-work pimp. Then, of course, there are the epic gym studios. They’ve got two; one for the Athletica program and the other for the CrossFit program. Each are sleek and professional, filled with top of the rage gear that will get you sweating (and they did).

We did the Delta class. Aimed at building Gymnasium’s ‘three pillars of fitness’; Strength & Power, Speed & Endurance and Mobility & Balance, each session will have a different focus so a Delta class is always different from the last. Coached by Nick, we were taken through a nice mixture of exercises- strength exercises to boost the endorphins and some bursts of cardio to really get us feeling like we were achieving something. Though Nick gave us a really comprehensive walk through of what we had in store, during the class there were screens playing that made the circuit even easier to follow. Along with constant encouragement from the coach, our workout was accompanied by great music and great vibes from the other members sweating with us. It was impossible not to finish without a huge grin on our face (and sweat).

Yep, Gymnasium got us again. They’ve got a template for the character that runs through all their locations and it works a charm. There are loads of reasons why Gymnasium is worth your visit, but if you want to test the water before you completely commit, then get involved with their 30 day trial for £50 deal which is running now. You won’t regret it.

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