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We want to stay at Muvs All Day

We went to one of Muv All Day’s supper clubs. And now supper clubbing is the only way we want to be eating out.

Credit: @muvsallday

If something good came out of 2020, it was this: Muvs All Day was a lockdown baby. Husband (Joey) and wife (Krishanthi) duo began delivering jars of dhal, curries and rice to the doors of hungry Londoners. Post lockdown they started regularly featuring at the Saturday Furzedown Markets and now they’ve continued their growth to a bricks and mortar location on Tooting High Street.

It’s no wonder Muvs has seen such success. Their slow-food inspired fair hit London during the COVID years when we were moving as slow as we could go, but it wasn’t just their timing that hit. The Sri Lankan and British combo of flavours are inspired. They manage to make comforting yet interesting food and we are absolutely hooked.

Credit: @muvsallday

Though the eatery has plans to launch into an all-day brunch restaurant, Muvs All Day is currently only running supper clubs and private events. We headed down to one of the recent evening supper clubs and, really, we’ve fallen in love.

Prices start at just £35 for the vegan option (£40 for non-vegan) and this price is inclusive of all food. The food was cooked by Joey and was incredible. There were various curries and dhals, crispy kale, roti and so much more scattered across the table for everyone to tuck into and share. There really was plenty to go round so don’t be put off by the family sharing style if you’ve got a big appetite, you’ll get a good amount of food.

Credit: @muvsallday

Wines and beers are available to buy whilst you’re there, and the selection has clearly been as thoughtfully curated as the food. All hand selected, they’re inspired by Krishanthi and Joey’s travels which adds an extra layer of personal touch to the evening; the red we drank was from South Africa where they spent their honeymoon. 

The evening was utter bliss. Conversation flowed, the food was amazing and the whole thing was just so heartwarming. Muvs supper clubs would be a great idea if you’re new to the area and are looking to make some local friends, or equally, if you have a special event coming up they do private parties too. 

Muvs, you stole our (warmed) hearts. We can’t wait to come back.

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