2 years ago

Harrods is getting a Champagne bar

Moët & Chandon are opening a permanent location in the swanky Harrods. The bar will be big enough for 34 Champaign enthusiasts.

Credit: Sybarite

Just when you thought the South West of London couldn’t get more boujee. Harrods has announced that they will be opening a Moët & Chandon Chandon Champagne bar. And not just any Moët & Chandon Champagne bar! This one is going to be a whopper, the biggest that the store has ever hosted and the only permanent location in Europe for the Champagne company.

Credit: Sybarite

You can expect the glitz and glamour that comes with combining Harrods with Moët & Chandon, there will be a gold chandelier, there will be food pairings and there will be magnums of Champagne.

Credit: Sybarite

Well, we’ve got to live up to expectations don’t we?

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