8 months ago

Have you been to the Prada Caffè yet?

“A blend of modernity and history, tradition and innovation that is quintessentially Prada”… Could a coffee get any fancier?

Credit: @nika_pianist

Because you’ll probably not get much change from a fiver for a latte in London they already feel like they’re a luxury. How to make them even more luxurious? Put a designer tag on them. That’s exactly what’s going on in Harrods until early 2024.

Credit: @kuwait_4pm

Prada have taken over a section of the ground floor with their very stylish, very Italian caffè. The setting is decadence in a nutshell; black and white chequered floors, velvet sofas, delicate porcelain crockery and crystal glasses all stamped, of course, with the iconic Prada logo. The menu follows the Italian theme with pastries, elegant tarts and pralines on offer throughout the day as well as more filling lunch and dinner dishes like veal tonnato, saffron risotto and a tomato spaghetti from midday.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what a latte costs here? £6.50. Now that’s a designer coffee.

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