10 months ago

Here’s what we drank at the Best Of South West summer party

We headed to the sun trap that is Havana Coco for the BOSW party. Before it got too, erm, “hazy” we asked the team about their fave tipple.

Katriana, Clapham Ambassador

Drink of choice: Canchanchara

Rum, salted honey syrup and lime juice feels like a very appropriate drink considering it’s a Cuban cocktail and we are in Havana Coco. It’s transporting me straight back to my holiday in Cuba! The tunes are great here too, I’m grooving on the outdoor terrace in the sun, and what a fantastic spot for people watching!

Charlotte, Tooting Ambassador

Drink of choice: La Dolce Vita

I am drinking La Dolce Vita which tastes so sweeta! Grey Goose, bergamot, grapefruit, rhubarb… it is a perfect balance of strong and sweet and a little bit floral. I love a floral taste in a cocktail. The vibes here are super cool, the staff are super lovely and friendly and I will definitely be taking advantage of their 50% off cocktails until 8pm more often!

Georgie, Head of Editorial

Drink of choice: Soused Bird

The name of this cocktail could also be my nickname so I had to order it. It’s a tequila based short lady, with a spike of dry curaçao, lime and chilli to really lift it. Loving the touch of sharpness from the green apple too- what a clever little drink! It’s small but mighty, and I am already feeling nervous about tackling my list of articles tomorrow…

Petr, Founder and Owner

Drink of choice: Old Fashioned

A very good Old Fashioned. Just right if you are in the market for one drink but want to make it a good one. This one came with a maraschino cherry too, sometimes they don’t and I always miss them from my drink… who doesn’t love a cherry! Havana Coco is such a great sun trap in Clapham too, we are lucky to have it here.

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