2 years ago

Hip and happening; Brickwood Tooting

If you want breakfast, they’ve got it. If you want coffee, they’ve got it. If you want great vibes, they’ve got it in spades.

Brickwood is a fun little spot. This Australian cafe is bursting at the seams with personality; it manages to relaxed but extremely cool all at the same time and will have you wanting more. When we headed down to the Tooting branch the staff on shift were having a latte art competition; and that is the spirit of the place. They care so much about the food and drinks that they turn out, but it is always with a smile and some fun. Though there are a few Brickwoods all over the SW of London, we checked out the Tooting Market location. And whilst the Market is always going to be a good vibe, the Brickwood in there really landed on another level. It was hard to leave.

To eat we couldn’t resist the Banana bread 2:0. With a crunchy crust and gooey inside it comes topped with a dollop of mascarpone, a tangy berry compote and a pistachio crumb. Though we are willing to be shown otherwise, this has got to be one of the best banana breads in London. It’s the sour berries and fresh mascarpone which balances out the sweetness so effortlessly. If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth don’t mess about; head down to Brickwood and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

When the sun hits, cold drinks are the only way to go. We got an iced coffee and a fresh, cooling OJ. Brickwood really know their coffee so that was a guaranteed great mouthful. Even if you’re just after a drink, they’ve got you sorted, though just try and resist their food. Impossible.

Whatever you are after, Brickwood is going to be a good option. It’s relaxed, fun and when you give their brunch a whirl you’ll never want an ‘umpimped’ hash brown nugget ever again. Trust us.

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