2 years ago

Hotpod Yoga Brixton are hosting a charity open day

On the 14th May HPY are hosting open days across all of their London studios. Luckily for the Brixton bunch, there is one right here!

Credit: @hotpodyoga

The open day coincides with Mental Health Awareness week, so in return for a free yoga class, they are asking for £5 donations to Beder, a charity working to raise awareness for suicide prevention and changing the stigma around mental health.

As well as your free yoga class, you’ll also be getting a ‘Feel Good-y Bag’ (incredible name). Inside there will be all kinds of freats from Beder, Urban and Teapigs. You get your sweat on, a packed goody bag, donate to a worthy charity all for £5?! It’s a no brainer.

This event will only be available to Hotpod Yoga first-timers, so if you’ve not tried them out yet, now is your chance!

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