9 months ago

House of Momo have opened their 2nd site in Brixton Village

It’s a busy food scene in Brixton! House of Momo have opened their doors. Be prepared to queue for this Nepalese food- it’s worth it.

Credit: @ultramega1

House of Momo feels like a really rare gem in the London food scene. They make delicious, comforting food from a small menu. You’ll leave full, but you’ll be hard pressed to spend over £20 for food and drinks. Having visited their first, very loved, location in Dalston we couldn’t be more excited to have this delicious eatery turn up in Brixton Village. As the name suggests, House of Momo is big on the momos. These Nepalese dumplings are served in a bunch of different ways- steamed or fried, and you can get them as they come (with a spicy sauce on the side) or swimming a curry or chilli sauce. They can be filled chicken, vegetable, beef or cheese & vegetable; with all those options to choose from you could go again and again and always get a slightly different iteration of the dish. It’s not just momos though- if you’ve got room for more there’s also thali plates, noodles, curries and fried rice. We’d highly, highly recommend getting a paratha to mop up whatever saucy goodness is left on your plate, these ones are buttery, flakey excellence.

Credit: @ameliatreats_

Go and order plates upon plates of momos, get your mouth tingling and get a refreshing Asahi to cool off. House of Momo is not fine dining, but it is dining at its finest. Expect to queue at busy times; they don’t take bookings… but they will take your heart.

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