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Iceland are giving £30 food vouchers to those in need

1.7m pensioners are currently living in poverty, something that is worsening with the cost of living rising. Iceland are stepping in.

Credit: retail-week.com

With the cost of living ever increasing, it is heartwarming to see bigger corporations stepping up to do their bit and help those in need. Iceland is one such place, where certain stores have pledged to help pensioners living in poverty by supplying them with a £30 food voucher. In partnership with the Rothesay Foundation, this campaign hopes to ease a little of the current day financial stresses that so many are having to cope with.

Across the country, 269 stores are taking part, and we are proud to say that Clapham is one of them (the Stockwell location just down the road is also participating).

To fit the criteria, the person claiming the voucher must be of pension age, living independently or with a carer and relying solely on state pensions and benefits. The ‘Summer Cheer’ campaign will run until 16th September, and to claim call the hotline: 0800 098 7877. Lines are open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

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