2 years ago

Incoming to Brixton Village- a new fast food joint

‘That’s too much fried chicken’ said no one ever. And thank goodness, cause there’s another chicken joint joining Brixton Village.

Credit: @wingshackco

Wing Shack has a few other locations around London, and now they are opening up their third dine-in location in Brixton Village. As the name suggests, the fast food joint specialises in chicken wings with a loads of different toppings (you can choose between a whopping 7 flavours). Not only are there wings, but there are fillets, boneless bites, wraps, burgers and loads of delicious sides to accompany your chicken. And there’s even fried jackfruit ‘wings’ for the vegans.

The restaurant is also known for their infamous ‘inferno challenge’ which includes participants donning surgical gloves, goggles and swallowing a whole load of spice (and then usually a whole load of water afterwards). Would you? We wouldn’t. But we will be going for the erm, less challenging wings.

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