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Introducing brunch at Hacha

Hacha is known for its tequila. But now they’re stretching their offering to brunch as well. Margarita and mushroom pilbil? Delicious.

Credit: @hachabar

Whatever the question, the answer is always tequila. Especially if it is at brunch. So where better to get your favourite Mexican spirit fix than at specialist agaveria, Hacha?

They’ve just launched their brand new brunch menu. Every Saturday from midday you can get your hands on one of their delicious mains and 3 tequila cocktails for just £30! Every weekend will see a different brand association for the drinks, so you’ll also be able to get a top up of those 3 included cocktail for just £8 extra.

Credit: @hachabar

As expected with Hacha, their food menu will be as good quality as their drinks. On the main menu are Mexican classics with a brunch twist. Mushroom pilbil on toast, scrambled egg flautas and huevos rancheros are the main options included with the deal, but you can also get some moreish snacks too to keep you going.

Go on, set yourself up for a perfect weekend and book in!

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