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Is this the perfect festival food? Poptata is popping up!

A few drinks in at a festival we don’t think there is anything we crave more than a cheesy chip. Poptata is the answer to our carby needs.

Poptata is one of our favourite Tooting Market vendors. Its concept is simple, effective and will always hit the spot. They do chips. Which, on the surface, might sound a bit boring. But Poptata are anything but boring. With their cheese sauces, their funky toppings and that pink garlic mayo, they’ve really managed to jazz up the humble ‘tater. Their menu is loaded… just like their fries. You can get anything from the basic box of chips to ones coated in BBQ sauce, pork and spring onions… there’s a section just for variations of cheesy fries and a section for variations of vegan cheesy fries, there’s halloumi fries and a bunch of meaty, vegetarian and vegan toppings to pick from. There really is something for every carb craving.

And when are you really craving a nice salty chip? Potentially when you are a few drinks in at a hot festival on a summers day. Which is why Poptata is the perfect vendor for all of the events going on in London at the moment. We went to the Poptata pop-up (try saying that fast three times) at the Hyde Park BST Festival where they were cutting and selling over 1.5 tonnes of potatoes everyday.

We were shown the process of how they make their loaded fries. They are as fresh as you can get- they cut the potatoes on site (no bags of frozen pre-cut here) and are efficient as you can get. We were in awe of how they manage the process as well as having a great time and bringing all the good festival vibes you could want whilst serving you. What a team.

Though they have a limited version of their classic menu at the festival, they still manage to showcase all their highlight menu items and we were thrilled to see our old favourite, the Lucifer, featuring. As ever, they are generous with the toppings: mature cheddar, creamy red Leicester and spicy mayo were piled onto our chips and, honestly, what could be better? Hot, crispy chips, slightly melted cheese and a kick of the spice went perfectly with the sunshine, background music and a cold beer.

They’ve got many pop-up stalls at festivals all over the UK this summer, so keep an eye out for them on your next jaunt away… but if you want to check out the full menu a bit closer to home, you know what to do: just head over to Tooting Market!

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