12 months ago

Free treats! The biggest sampling of liquorice ever is coming to Battersea this Friday

Danish confectionary brand LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW are giving away a whopping half a million samples of their liquorice this Friday!

Let’s not beat around the bush: liquorice isn’t a trendy sweet. Kind of salty, kind of aromatic, kind of reminds-you-of-your-grandma, it’s an acquired taste that many would ‘rather not’. Except… have you tried LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW? The Danish brand are here to change your mind about what you thought liquorice was all about. They specialise in gourmet, chocolate covered liquorice and, ermm, it’s kind of delicious. They’ve got some really fun flavours- a caramel date and a coffee flavour, for example. And who’d have thought passion fruit, chocolate and liquorice would go so well together?

Having been in the biz since 2007, LAKRIDS are marking their 16th birthday by doing something pretty epic. They’re launching their global campaign ‘we make the world taste liquorice’ by doing just that. They’re popping up worldwide to hand out samples of their delicious balls in the aim to make the world fall in love with liquorice and one of their locations is right here in Battersea. The Power Station (Turbine Hall B to be precise) will be hosting the give away of 500,000 samples of their salty sweets. Half a million of them are up for grabs, so head down from 10am to get your hands on a couple and get ready to have your mind changed in the world of liquorice.

Johan Bülow, the creative director and founder of LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has said: “The initiative is the largest liquorice tasting at LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW to date and as far as we know, the largest in the world… We have always handed out samples… But we have never embarked on converting so many sceptics in one day, this must be the world’s largest liquorice tasting, so we are incredibly excited. Hopefully, half a million pieces of liquorice handed out will provide both liquorice lovers and sceptics with a gourmet liquorice experience beyond the ordinary.”

Whether you like liquorice or not, it’s free… so you might as well give it another go, right?

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