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It’s half price food at ALL Three Cheers Pubs this month

Is this the best food deal to get you through the January blues? It might just well be. Plus, it’s a fantastic excuse to pay the pub a visit.

Remember the days of Eat Out To Help Out? Don’t know about you, but for us just seeing the initials ‘EOTHO’ is enough to send a shiver down our spines. Not because the deal wasn’t fantastic- those 50% off food offers popping up all over the UK were nothing short of a miracle. But they were somewhat overshadowed by the harrowing years of Covid that they were a result of. So imagine a time where you could get that very same EOTHO deal without the PTSD from a global pandemic? Enter: Three Cheers pubs.

This month all Three Cheers pubs are running their very own 50% off deal where, between Mon-Thurs, you can get food for half price. All. Day. Long. We’ve not seen a deal as good as this since 2020 so obviously we ran down to The Abbeville to see how far we could make our pennies stretch. The food here never, ever disappoints but we are pretty sure that this trip tasted even better because half of it was free.

To start we had the luxurious duck parfait which was refined and creamy; perfect when smothered over the crisply toasted bread and paired with a good dollop of sweet onion chutney. We felt very sophisticated eating this so decided to go for a classic Scotch egg for our other starter. And what an absolute belter of a dish this was. Everything you could want from the traditional snack but done in an elevated Abbeville style. So we still felt pretty sophisticated.

Mains was the gorgeous vegetable wellington which was hearty and filling and came with trimmings of cabbage, creamy mash and gravy. If you’re the kind of person who thinks that roasts shouldn’t be reserved just for Sundays then you’ll love this one. You can get it on a Tuesday lunchtime if your heart desires! We also got the sirloin steak which- pinch us- was just £12 and came with chips, salad and peppercorn sauce. £12! At that price it almost didn’t matter what it tasted like but, of course, it was absolutely divine and the peppercorn sauce is something that we will be thinking about for a long while coming. And yes, ok, it might be a midweek lunchtime but we are saving 50% on all this food so it would be a crime not to add on a dessert too. Sticky toffee pudding is always an automatic must order when we see it on a menu and this one was one of the best we’ve had for a while. So good we could have (should have) ordered a second…

An extra perk to all of this is that the lunchtime and dinner menus are different, so you can visit twice in a day if you really wanted to and you’d be able to order from a new selection. Or just make your way round all of the Three Cheers Pubs within a few mile radius of where you live…? Whatever you do, just make sure you make the most of this offer whilst it’s here. We got a 2 course meal (and shared the pud) for £15.75pp which, in today’s economic climate, in Clapham, is an absolute steal. All you need to do to get your hands on 50% off your next visit is register here. And, if you’re wondering where your nearest Three Cheers Pub is then check out the list here. Happy munching!

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